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Slow cooker Hawaiian chicken for the freezer

I’m so excited to share one of the recipes from my new cookbook with you!  It’s a recipe for slow cooker Hawaiian chicken that can be quickly prepped and frozen and then cooked in your slow cooker.  Such an easy, simple, and yummy meal to have on-hand.

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken For The Freezer

What I love about this slow cooker Hawaiian chicken is that it’s not your average chicken dinner.  In a previous blog post, I shared my favorite chicken crockpot recipes.  They’re all delicious, but this is something special.

This recipe for slow cooker Hawaiian chicken only requires four ingredients: chicken breasts, fresh pineapple, brown sugar, and soy sauce.  Yum!

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

In my world, four-ingredient recipes are also easy to make and cost-effective.

Delicious, simple, and easy to make.  That’s how I’d describe the recipes in my ‘No Cook Freezer Meals‘ cookbook alright.  They’re pretty healthy too.

No cook freezer meals don’t require any cooking before freezing. Simply combine the meats, vegetables, sauces and spices, and freeze!

Since no cook freezer meals don’t require any cooking ahead of time, they’re very easy and quick to make. They’re also absolutely delicious when eaten because they don’t taste like leftovers at all.

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

(That’s one of the printable recipe cards that comes in my ‘No Cook Freezer Meals’ cookbook.  Cute, right?!)

Inside my ‘No Cook Freezer Meals‘ cookbook you’ll find:

  • 18 of my family’s favorite freezer recipes
  • A grocery list for all 18 recipes
  • Nutrition info
  • Cute recipe cards
  • A freezer inventory sheet
  • Tons of freezer meal tips – including how to freeze your favorite recipes, step-by-step instructions for preparing and cooking freezer meals, tips for stocking your freezer, how to organize a freezer meal swap, and more!

This recipe for slow cooker Hawaiian chicken is one of the recipes from my cookbook, and you can try it for free today.  Simply combine the ingredients and freeze!  Let me break down the process for you…

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken for the Freezer


  • 1lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 fresh pineapple, stalk, skin, and core removed and fruit cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 2 tablespoons light brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce


  • 1 gallon-sized plastic freezer bag


  1. Label your freezer bag.
  2. To your freezer bag, add pineapple, brown sugar, soy sauce, and chicken breasts. (Add the chicken breasts to the bag last, so they’re the first ingredient poured into your slow cooker.)
  3. Remove as much air from the freezer bag as possible, seal, and lay flat in your freezer.


  1. The night before cooking, move frozen bag to your refrigerator to thaw.
  2. The morning of cooking, pour contents of freezer bag into your slow cooker and cook on “low” setting for 3-6 hours, or until chicken is cooked through and tender.

Serve with brown rice and broccoli, and enjoy!

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken Nutrition Info

If you’re interested in more simple freezer recipes like this, check out my ’No Cook Freezer Meals’ cookbook.  The eBook costs $5.99 and you’ll be emailed a link to download immediately after purchase. It’s printer-friendly, so you can print and read on paper if you prefer, too.


  • Feances says:

    thanks for help in the kitchen

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  • I made this last night and my family loved it. I love how it does not heat up the kitchen! I made it from scratch the morning I cooked it, but I can’t wait to try it from the freezer!

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  • Melynda says:

    I’m interested in trying this recipe, but am not sure how to peel and cut a pineapple. Will canned pineapple (in it’s own juice) work? If so, how big of a can do you think it’d need?

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  • diane says:

    I bought a box of chicken breast already frozen (cheaper) can i still add ingredients with the frozen chicken breast and put back in the freezer?

  • Therese says:

    Getting very excited to try your freeze ahead crockpot meals. I notice a good number of your meals call for the chicken to be slice or cut into pieces. Are most of them like that or are some that you put in the chicken breasts whole. I only ask b/c we have a stach of frozed chicken breasts so I’d have to thaw them to cut them before I could do assembly on any that required cutting. Thanks!

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  • Sami says:

    Do you think this would work with pork shoulder substituted for the chicken?

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, I think that would be good. If the pork shoulder is big (3 pounds+), I’d probably double the amount of brown sugar and soy sauce.

      • jessica says:

        after reading some reviews I was wondering if I could add a bit of fresh garlic for flavor. have you tried this before? or do u think it would overpower the dish? this will be tomorrow’s dinner and I am hoping for a hit. thanks in advance

  • ash says:

    Followed instructions…. This was absolutely disgusting!

    • Jennifer says:

      Can you be more specific?

    • Sara says:

      I didn’t think it was great either…..which I was a little bit disappointed because some of the other recipes on this site are great! It didn’t have much flavor and I think it could easily be tweaked. Unfortunately, I’m not all the “food savvy” so I don’t know how to improve it.

    • JL says:

      Same here – The consistency was very soft and mushy/pasty. It may be able to be tweaked, but I use the slow cooker due to a long commute and can’t really do any recipes with short cook times. This one was a bust for us 🙁

  • David says:

    Your shopping cart is not working. I have been trying to purchase your eBook bundle, but cannot enter name etc.

    • Kelly says:

      Oh no! I’m so sorry about that. Which web browser are you using? I just checked on my computer and it’s working now (I use Chrome).

  • Vicki says:

    Flavor was delicious! But the chicken’s texture ended up pasty and mushy. Maybe I overcooked it?

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, I would cook it for less time if you make it again. Every slow cooker is different. This recipe takes 8 hours in my 4-quart slow cooker but only 3 in my more powerful 6-quart one.

  • Eileen says:

    How many servings does this recipe make? Thanks!

  • Jessica says:

    I just want to point out that this recipe is not gluten free!! The kikkoman soy sauce does contain wheat. However, there are other brands of soy sauce that can be used that do not contain gluten

  • Judith says:

    I’m afraid mine came out mushy also. I cooked it for 5 hours on low. Maybe I will try it again with a shorter cook time. It sounds like a nice recipe, would love to know if anyone whose chicken was also mushy was able to fix it on their second try? What worked? Thanks.

  • Elaine says:

    I was just wondering if there is any substitution for the soy sauce in this recipe? I have a recently discovered allergy to soy, but it sounds simple and if there’s a substitute I would like to try this.


  • Allison says:

    I made this as a freezer meal and we ate tonight. Loved that the pineapple wasn’t mushy and had good flavor…but the chicken was super dry and had zero flavor. I added a lot of extra soy sauce as we ate. What is the sauce in the crock pot supposed to look like? I used three chicken breast that were whole and semi frozen when I put in crock pot. After cooking on low for about 2 hours I cut the chicken into bite sized pieces as the instructions indicate, but I notice now that your photo has the breast whole. What do you find is better? My pineapple wasn’t brown like yours is….
    I’m going to make this again with the pineapple I have sitting on my counter. A great freezer meal while its on sale so often now. Would just know if I did it correct or not.

    • Kelly says:

      You can either leave the breasts whole or cut them before freezing. I tend to leave whole because it’s less work and I think it helps prevent the chicken from drying out. If I were you, next time I’d buy large chicken breasts (1+ each would be great) and cook less time. That’s the best way to get really juicy chicken breasts from the crockpot. Chicken thighs would probably also be delicious.

  • Mimi says:

    Hi! I’m a newbie with crockpots. I had all the ingredients for this at home so I’m preparing it tomorrow in the morning! How long do I cook it for? I saw 3~6h but that s a HUUUGE difference… how can I know how long to cook it for?? ^^ thanks in advance!

    • Kelly says:

      It depends on the size/strength of your slow cooker. I would do 3 hours in my 6-qt slow cooker or 6 hours in my 4-qt.

      • Mimi says:

        THanks! I read this just in time. I have a huge one so the 3 pieces of chicken breast all touch the surface ^^ and its been 3h. smells delicious. lets taste it!

      • Mimi says:

        Hi Kelly T.T
        Unfortunately mine came bad too. Im not sure what mushy means exactly, but I think mine came like that.
        I am not here to complain and you don’t have to feel sorry for anything! But I want to learn if I did smth wrong, because I have another ziplock in my freezer now and I’d hate to waste that pound of chicken too.

        First, the chicken breast were super dried, they only absorbed sauce on the outside.
        Then the surface, when you put the chicken in your mouths, it gives you a really weird feeling, as if it was melting on your tongue.
        I could eat one chicken breast with a lot of mashed potatoes and the pineapple and the sauce, but I had to throw away the other piece of chicken. And my bf, who always eats whatever I cook him, wasn’t able to even eat half a piece 🙁

        I’m thinking if I had used chicken pieces (with skin and bones), the result could have turned much better. Not sure how to cook the chicken breast, which is by nature already dry. Do you have any tips? Do you think maybe the chicken wasn’t marinated enough? (I prepared it yesterday around 7pm and cooked it this morning at 8am, no freezer involved, just fridge).

        Thanks Kelly! I hope to master these recipes soon, so I can eat healthy and easy!! (Y)

        • Kelly says:

          If the chicken was dry, then I think it was overcooked. How big is your slow cooker and how long did you cook the meal? Chicken breasts often cook in as little as three hours in my 6-qt crock.

          If the texture was an issue you might want to cook the pineapple separately next time – you could try sautéing it in a pan on your stovetop. I think it softens the chicken, but my husband and I like it that way.

        • Kelly says:

          Another idea: You could thaw the frozen bag and cook the whole thing in the oven (covered with foil). Just an idea. I don’t want you to waste that pound of chicken either, Mimi!

          • Mimi says:

            Thanks for answering! I don’t have an oven 🙁 But I will try sauteeing it~ I liked the taste, the chicken was dry and mushy, like the external layer felt really weird to the tongue. My crockpot is big enough so each of the 3 pieces were touching the surface, but I only cooked it for 3h and maybe 15 minutes.

            I’ll try with the pan tomorrow! And next time Ill make the chicken with chicken pieces. I had good experience with chicken in that shape ^^

  • Erin says:

    I was really excited about this recipe as I’m new to crockpot cooking and thought that the 4 ingredients would make it really easy. I followed the recipe with the exception of putting it in the fridge for about 4 hours rather than freezing the meal. Anyway, I cooked the contents of the bag for 5 hours on low and was disappointed with the texture of the chicken. Though the chicken was cooked all the way through he outer part of the boneless skinless breast chunks was really “gummy”. Does that mean that I cooked it too long?? The range of time on the directions said cook on low for 3-6 hours. Perplexed about crockpot cooking. – Erin

  • Danie says:

    I tried to buy your cookbook
    Site would not accept my CrCd…the only one I have and use
    So could not buy not good business???

  • Mandi says:

    Ok for me this turned out to be a toss up. Like others mine turned out a bit mushy and the chicken didn’t soak up the flavor to well. But I made mine fresh cause I didn’t find the recipe till I had already frozen the chicken. I’m thinking it would have sort of marinated durning defrost so that might have been the problem. I also had cooked mine on high for about 2.5 hrs cause I work nights and woke up to late to have it done before work.. I served it over white rice and had to add a little extra soy sauce. But as long as I got a good bite with pineapple and chicken and rice the flavor was there and it was good. My BF loved it! So we are definitely gonna keep it, with its simplicity and flavor it was worth it. The pineapple turned out perfect! I’m gonna try it again following the directions and see if it helps the chickens mushiness. Really it wasn’t that mushy just a little. This was however my first time cooking anything other than chili in my crock pot so I was satisfied enough.

  • carisa says:

    I don’t get the cooking instructions. It says to cook for 3-6 hours. Well, which is it?! 3 hours or more? The whole point of a crock pot is to set it to a time and know when it’s done. If we don’t know how long to cook it, this recipe is pointless to me. Also, a 3 hour difference is huge! That’s alot of guesswork for someone who has supposedly cooked this before.

    • Kelly says:

      It depends on your slow cooker. Three hours is plenty for my 6 or 7 quart slow cooker but I would do 6 hours in my 4 quart.

  • Rachel says:

    Any tips on putting rice in the crok pot for this meal?

  • Janice says:

    Can you cook 2 (3 serving packages) in one crockpot? 3 servings is not enough for my family

  • Lisa says:

    I bought an almost 3 lb boneless pork chop to make this recipe. Any advise on the cooking time?

    • Kelly says:

      If it’s one piece (like a roast), I’d cook 6 hours in a high-powered 6-quart slow cooker or 8 hours in a 4-quart. If it’s sliced pork chops, I do 4 hours in a 6-quart or 6-8 hours in a 4-quart.

  • Margo says:

    got my labels. thanks a bunch. now to use them.

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  • Ashley says:

    I made this for tonight! I went with 3 hours in the crockpot after reading some of the reviews. I haven’t tried it yet (waiting for hubby to get home), but I noticed that it’s super liquidy! Is that normal? I figured I’d just use a slotted spoon to serve it.

    I’ve actually had that same liquidy result with a few other meals of yours I’ve tried, but we’ve loved them all nonetheless! (I’m new to freezer cooking, btw. Thanks for all your recipes and tips!)

    • Kelly says:

      Fruits and vegetables release a lot of liquid while cooking (so do certain meats). That’s why I don’t add much liquid to most of my recipes.

  • Julie says:

    These meals look yummy and I am excited to try them!
    We aren’t really vegetarian but are cutting way back on our meat. Do you have any recipes with less or no meat that are also healthy, quick and easy?

  • Nancy says:

    My husband and I love this recipe. This one is a keeper.

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  • Angie M. says:

    This recipe also came out mushy and horrible tasting for us. I cooked on low for 3 hours and followed the recipe. Tried drowning it in brown rice to cover the flavor, but unfortunately this one will be going in the trash 🙁

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  • Mallory says:

    Do the nutritional charts include the sides you recommend or are they only the prepared meal from the bag?

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  • Katrien says:

    For how many persons is this recipe?

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