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5 Healthy Freezer Meals Made With Ground Turkey

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5 Healthy Freezer Meals Made With Ground Turkey

I got a great deal on ground turkey at Costco and started thinking about how I could use it to make freezer meals (It only cost $2.79 per pound!).  Since I have four children ages 6 and under my favorite freezer recipes are the ones that don’t require any cooking ahead of time.  I can quickly combine the ingredients in freezer bags and stack them in the freezer.

Here are my five favorite freezer meals made with ground turkey:

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40 Pre-Baby Freezer Meals

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When I was pregnant with my fourth baby I came up with the idea to stock my freezer with 40 homemade meals.  To save time, I focused on recipes that could be frozen without any cooking ahead of time.  I also broke up the meals into three separate “prep sessions” so I didn’t have to make all of them at once.

The whole thing was really easy to do and my baby is six weeks old now and we have been eating like KINGS.  (Seriously.  These meals taste so, so good since they cook for the first time out of the freezer.)  I love that we can eat a homemade meal every night without any of the work. Read More