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25 easy crockpot recipes for busy weeknights

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Whether you’re at home with your kids or working full-time, getting dinner on the table is tough.  When my third daughter was born she wanted to be held 24/7 so I started making crockpot recipes for dinner every night.  She’s 15 months old now and I still rely on my crockpot for healthy and family-friendly meals.

Since I’ve tried hundreds of crockpot recipes, I decided to compile a list of my favorites for busy weeknights.  These recipes are all easy to make and super yummy.

25 Easy Crockpot Recipes For Busy Weeknights

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Crockpot greens & beans

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I started thinking…which of my go-to recipes would translate well in the crockpot? I quickly decided that I wanted to tackle Crockpot Greens & Beans. Unless you are of Italian descent, or have frequented many Italian restaurants, there’s a chance that you’ve never even heard of it. Well, my friends, prepare to have your mind…and your taste buds blown!

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Three amazing cookbooks for one low price! Buy Now