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Best gifts for second time moms

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Looking for gift ideas for a second time mom?  Now that I have three babies, I’m sharing some of my favorites for mom, baby, and the big sib.

30 Girft Ideas for Second Time Moms

I’m a big fan of practical gifts, so I always buy off the registry for first-time moms.  If I can go together with friends or family to buy a bigger gift, even better.

Buying for second time moms can be tricky though because they already have everything that they need for the baby.  My favorite gifts for second time moms are treats for the mom herself and cute ideas for the baby and big bro/sis.

Here are some of my faves.  Pick one big ticket item, one from each list, or some combination of your own.  I’d love to hear your gift ideas in a comment below!


Best Gifts for Second Time Moms

Cute Gifts for Mom (and Dad)

  1. Diaper and wipe pouch (I love my “Cherry Wallflowers” pouch from Diapees and Wipees.)
  2. Personalized necklace with her children’s names (I think this one on Etsy is ADORABLE.)
  3. Loose leaf tea designed for moms by Birds & Bees Teas.
  4. New diaper bag (I love the ones made my Maranda Lee and From Nancy on Etsy.)
  5. Nursing tank (I own a black one from Undercover Mama that works with any nursing bra.  So cool!)
  6. Something handmade (I sewed a nursing cover and burp cloth for one of my breastfeeding friends.)
  7. A “spa in a jar” to encourage mom to take care of herself.
  8. If you don’t have little ones of your own, volunteering a couple hours of your time to help out would be amazing.
  9. One of my cookbooks (To make her life easier when she’s up for cooking again.)
  10. FREEZER MEALS! (In an old blog post, I shared my favorite freezer meals to give as gifts.)


Gifts for Baby that Aren’t Hand-Me-Downs

  1. Baltic amber teething necklace
  2. Personalized wooden growth chart (I love the ones made my Little Elephant Company on Etsy.)
  3. Baby teether ball (My daughters loved these things!)
  4. Organic wood teething ring (Like this one on Etsy.)
  5. Teething jewelry (I could window shop for these on Etsy all day long.  I think these fabric necklacebubblegum bead necklace, and bangles are so, so cute.)
  6. A toy that plays music in the car (We have this one and my baby finds the music so soothing!)
  7. Shutterfly giftcard so Mom and Dad can print lots of photos
  8. Diapers and wipes (Always appreciated if you’re not cloth diapering)
  9. New bottles or pacifiers (This is the bottle that worked for my oldest daughter. My younger two never took a bottle.)
  10. A hat that works as a nursing cover for breastfeeding on-the-go. (I think these things are so cool!)

Baby gift ideas for older siblings

Thoughtful Gifts for the Big Bro/Sis

  1. DIY busy bag activities (I’ve made craft sticks with velcro dots, a busy wallet, and a travel crayon set from Pinterest.)
  2. The book ‘Virginia Wolf by Kyo Maclear (This is the most amazing book about sisters, if both children are girls!!)
  3. Reusable snack bags
  4. Crayons or markers and a huge roll of paper
  5. Bubbles (This bubble solution is our absolute favorite!)
  6. If the child is a girl, a new hair bow or headband (I’m a big fan of the knotted headband trend.)
  7. If the child is a boy, a bow tie (These plaid bow ties are so cute.)
  8. iTunes gift card for games or TV shows, if you know the family has an iPad
  9. Card games or board games that can be played while the baby is sleeping
  10. Doll baby carrier so they can imitate Mom and Dad (We have a mini ergo for baby dolls.)

30 Girft Ideas for Second Time Moms

What are your favorite baby gifts to give or receive?  Do you have any gift ideas for older children or teens who welcome a new sibling?  Please share in a comment below!



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